Etsy Fee Increase and What it Means for HBTH

Hello my lovely friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday! I wanted to take a little time to talk about some of the changes that are happening with Healed by the Hound! Obviously, one of the biggest changes recently is the addition of this website as a platform for shopping! I had a number of reasons for wanting to develop my own website. One being the flexibility having my own site provides me and another, more glorified reason, is it makes me feel like I've "made it" as a business owner! Silly, I know, but I'm still proud of myself for getting here. In addition to these, and a multitude of other reasons, I did it because of the Etsy fees!

Etsy got me started, for that I'll always be grateful. I've had five wonderful years with Etsy, and while I'm not breaking up with them, I've decided to find another platform that actually meets my needs. I've put Etsy in the friend zone! 

Etsy made the decision to increase their fees and they implemented that change the second week of April. The fees increased from 5% to 6.5% which is in addition to other site fees like listing and renewal fees. They've also created new requirements for sellers. In order to be featured higher than other sellers, my shop needs to meet these new standards that my business just doesn't seem to be able to meet because of the way I do business. Business ownership is not black and white but Etsy wants us to all do things the same way. Because of all of this, I have made the decision to increase my prices slightly on Etsy. I feel ok doing this at this point because I am offering a new platform where prices will remain the same. Not only will you be able to shop at the regular cost, but I will finally have more of the money I work hard for and you will be paying me directly for your products instead of also paying a middle man. I can put this money into bettering my business for all of us. 

The prices on this website will remain the same and have even decreased for some options. Coupon codes will remain the same so feel free to use those for additional discounts. 

I do still plan to keep my Etsy site for shoppers that aren't ready to change to my site. I appreciate Etsy for the customers they bring to me which is why I am ok paying their fees on new customer orders. I will keep my Etsy platform for as long as they keep me so I can continue to grow as a business and meet new people like you! 

Another change between my website and my Etsy site is that I will have the rewards program going for all sales placed on my website platform but I will no longer be giving charms or tickets for orders placed on Etsy. 

I ask that if you are a current customer, please shift your business with HBTH to my website instead of my Etsy platform! It will be better for all of us in the long run!

I'm curious about what you think of the changes I am making as well as the changes Etsy has implemented. Please leave a comment with your thoughts!



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