About Healed by the Hound

Hello fellow hound lovers and fur parents! I'm Erin and I'm the founder and creator of Healed by the Hound.

I am a dog mom, dog fashion expert and all around canine enthusiast! The Healed by the Hound shop dog is my dog Bubba. He models many of my collars along with some of his instagram friends. I also have a cat that thinks he's a dog. 
My dog Soter (the logo dog), was the inspiration for many of the business choices I've made, including the reason behind opening my shop. He provided me with 12 years of love and support, for which, I am forever grateful. He gave so much to me that now I hope to be able to give back to dogs everywhere.

The Healed by the Hound brand was created to provide a variety of products and services to improve the lives of dogs. Whether through blogging and story telling, training to help a dog get adopted or with a fun collar that brings joy to owners everywhere, I strive to give back to dogs what they've given to me.

Healed by the Hound products are made by me, in Aurora, Colorado. All items are custom made for each order with only the best materials and hardware. I've tested these products on my own pets and, while they are strong and durable, they are also very fun and unique.

I have been in business over six years and I've loved every minute of it. I enjoy seeing the photos of your pets and connecting with both my animal and human customers! Healed by the Hound serves any household pets (and even some farm animals) that enjoy looking their best while utilizing a high quality product. 

I am very active on social media so be sure to check out my social media icon bar to explore more of Healed by the Hound's story. You will also be able to see a ton of cute pet pictures, and who doesn't love that?
Feel free to reach out to me any time with questions or just to say hello!